The Hawaiian Islands have a wide array of things for you to do and see on your next tropical trip. Set your sites on the beautiful beaches and fun you’ll only find on Maui and create an island getaway that’s truly unique and yours. The island and locale alone are great reasons to visit, but there is a lot more waiting for you to discover once you get here! 

Rich History 

The second-largest island in the state of Hawaii, it has a rich history that reaches back well before it joined the union. Modern Hawaiian history – including the monarchy – began in the mid-18th century when king of the island of Hawaii, Kamehameha I, invaded the island in 1790. Europeans brought change and preservation, including creating the 12-letter Hawaiian alphabet and writing down the previously orally transmitted history of the area. After years of royal rule, it became a U.S. territory in 1900 and the 50th state in 1959. 

A Welcoming Environment 

After the devastating wildfires that started in August of 2023 and burned for multiple days, many of Maui’s historic landmarks were lost. As the island and its residents work to recover and rebuild, we are welcoming visitors with open arms. Activities and attractions that remain open or have reopened are eager to host you and your loved ones, giving you a taste of Maui and Hawaiian culture you won’t want to miss. 


No matter how many times you have been or come back to Maui, you’ll always find yourself at the beach. There are many named beaches, but there are also several small, secluded sections of sand and water just moments from your rental. You’ll even find some of Hawaii’s iconic black sand beaches – those beaches touched by volcanic activity. While you may want to take a barefoot stroll, resist the urge at a black sand beach – the black absorbs heat faster and can cause burns. 


Celebrate Hawaiian culture, or a holiday. Maui celebrates important U.S. holidays like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and all the rest. There are also celebrations of Hawaiian and Maui history, including special dates like the banyan tree’s birthday, the Prince Kuhio Festival, surfing competitions, and more.  

Hawaiian Cowboys 

Cowboys aren’t just for the American Southwest. Hawaii has its own ranches and cowboys. The Upcountry Maui town of Makawao is home to ranches, horses, and the cowboys that run them – known as paniolo. Horseback-riding paniolo have been wrangling cattle in the upland fields since the late 19th century. It’s a completely different experience from the beautiful beaches and is a great day trip for your Maui itinerary. 

Volcanic Activity 

This isn’t the kind of activity that includes lava flow. Haleakala is a dormant volcano located in a national park that bears its name. Reaching 10,000 feet, you can watch the sun rise through a halo of clouds. After the sun rises, grab a bike and cruise over 35 miles of road down the volcano’s steep slopes. You’ll pass by volcanic rock formations as well as deep green vegetation specimens. Both activities will require a jacket for the cold air at the top! After you’ve experienced volcanoes on land, dive below the water for more. 

Snorkel A Volcanic Cone 

If you’re all about volcanoes, you can get a look at them from above the water and below the water on a trip to Maui. The island is just one of three volcanic atolls in the world! Molokini Crater is filled with a rainbow of coral, schools upon schools of tropical fish, and more. A snorkel trip to the area is a perfect way to experience the complex world below the crystal-clear waters surrounding the crater. 

Three Islands 

Maui is part of a three-island chain officially known as Maui Nui. The nearby islands of Lanai and Molokai join Maui as part of the island grouping. Sail from Maui to Lanai on a ferry ride or take to the skies on a 25-minute plane ride to Molokai – every moment filled with breathtaking views.  

Delicious Eats 

Hawaiian and Polynesian fare is a unique blend of flavors. Maui also has a variety of seafood restaurants, American, and everything in between. The island of Maui even boasts Top Chef-worthy cuisine! Sheldon Simeon owns several restaurants across the island, with cuisines that include Asian noodles, traditional Hawaiian home cooking, and more. 

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