September 8, 2023: Mayor Green announces West Maui OPEN on October 8, 2023.
My Perfect Stays are excited to welcome back our visitors and we want you to know that we prioritize caring for the land in the wake of our loss.
'E mālama pono.' which means, 'Take good care...of yourself, one another, and the environment.'

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Maui Drives

Honolua Bay

In the winter months there can be some impressive waves and surfers to enjoy watching. A famous surf competition spot as well as a local favorite. The bay itself offers great snorkeling when the surf is calm.

Nakalele Blowhole

When the surf is up and tide is high, this blowhole can be very impressive indeed, sending water up to 75 feet in the air! There are times when nothing happens, but this section of coastline normally has a great deal of wave action. You will hike down about 200 feet in elevation from the road to the blowhole.

Road to Hana

This is a terrific day trip, but you’ll need to leave early! The road starts several miles past Paia town on the same side of the island as the Kahului airport, about one hour from Kapalua (traffic can add travel time.) Hwy 36 turns into 360 (Hana Hwy.) Numerous waterfalls, overlooks, and pullouts give you an opportunity to enjoy the stunning tropical scenery of Maui. It’s rumored there are more than 900 turns in this road. We’ve never counted, but it can be slow going. Bridges are wide enough for one-way traffic only and there are lots of them. Note that Hana is a very small town and there are not a lot of places to eat. After 6:00 it seems like the town simply shuts down.

Haleakala National Park

Sunrise at the crater is said to be a Maui must experience! Depending on the time of the year, your experience can start as early as 2:00 am. You will drive from the condo back toward the Kahului airport, turn right on the Hana Hwy, then turn right again on Hwy 37, the Haleakala Hwy. About 8 miles up, take the Upper Haleakala Hwy 377 then turn left at Hwy 378. You’ll rapidly gain elevation through a serious of switchbacks all the way to the top, about 21 miles. You’ll be at about 10,000 feet above sea level. It can get cold way up there, so make sure to take something warm.