No matter what time of year you need a break, the Hawaiian Islands have a wide array of things for you to do and see. Set your sites on the beautiful beaches and fun you’ll find on Maui and create an island getaway that’s unique to you and your loved ones. The island alone is a reason to visit, but there are plenty more highlights, must-do, or must-see attractions and activities that will make the decision to visit Maui a no-brainer.


No matter what time of year you visit Maui you’ll experience sun and warmer temperatures. Winter highs are in the low 80s and lows in the mid 60s. Summer turns up the heat a little with highs in the high 80s and lows in the 70s. With less than an inch of rain on average in the wettest months, you can be rest assured to have good weather during your Maui adventure.


The Hawaiian Islands are a blend of Hawaiian, Polynesian, and other cultures. You can experience each on your visit. Attend a lu’au or visit the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. You’ll learn about area culture and customs or take in a show presented by various performers like the Hawai’i Youth Symphony, or nationally recognized artists like UB40, Old Dominion, and Wayne Newton.


An island escape means time on the beach, and in Maui that activity is year-round. Spend plenty of time on the beaches of Maui while you lay out in the sun and sunbathe, get your exercise with a walk or run on the sand, or grab a beach blanket and pack a basket for a beach picnic.

Water Activities

In addition to the many beach activities on land that attracted you and your traveling companions to Maui, there are a myriad of fun water sports to add to your Maui itinerary, too. If you‘re looking for an adrenaline boost or feel the need for speed on the water, take off on a jet ski. For a unique and memorable water experience, learn to “hang 10” and take surfing or windsurfing lessons with certified instructors. Take a dip in the ocean or take some time to explore the underwater world on a SCUBA or snorkeling trip.

Road to Hana

It’s a road trip not to be missed on a visit to Maui. Pack up the rental car and go on a must-do sightseeing excursion on land. While the Road to Hana is “only” 64 miles, it’s full of hairpin turns, one-lane bridges, and an array of blind spots to negotiate. You may set out on the journey thinking the 25-mile-an-hour speed limit is a bit slow, but you’ll be thankful for it as you negotiate your way through the twists and turns. The road to Hana isn’t just driving! Pull off to the side with the many other vehicles and hike to beautiful waterfalls, lava tubes and rocks, black sand beaches, and historic sites that include Charles Lindbergh’s grave site.

Brave the road on your own and make your own stops or join a tour with a knowledgeable guide who will take you to many of the best landmarks and hiking spots along the way, meaning you won’t miss a thing. However you navigate the famous Maui path, make sure to pack plenty of drinks, snacks, and your camera.

Wildlife Watching

Charter a boat that seeks out some of Hawaii’s sea life. Several charters in the marinas of Maui will take you out in search of dolphins, whales, and other ocean life. Bring your camera for pictures of whales breaching, or dolphins coming up for a little air. You might even win their companionship as they race alongside the vessel.

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