September 8, 2023: Mayor Green announces West Maui OPEN on October 8, 2023.
My Perfect Stays are excited to welcome back our visitors and we want you to know that we prioritize caring for the land in the wake of our loss.
'E mālama pono.' which means, 'Take good care...of yourself, one another, and the environment.'

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If you’re looking for a break that includes sand, sun, warmth, and plenty of fun, you’ll want to make sure you consider Maui for your next vacation. You’ll find plenty of things to do, but from time to time you’ll want to escape the warm Maui sun. There are a variety of activities to help you do that, too.

Maui Ocean Center

Beat the heat and head indoors, while still experiencing the ocean! The center includes a myriad of exhibits that bring you close to the sea life living in the waters around Maui. Stop by the “Open Ocean” exhibit and watch sharks, rays, and hundreds of fish swimming around. The underwater clear tunnel gives you the feeling of being in the ocean. Other residents include octopus, seahorses, Hawaiian green sea turtles, humpback whales, and more.


There are plenty of things to do and see during a Hawaiian island vacation that can beat the heat, indoors and outdoors. Your island vacation means you’ll no doubt find yourself at the beach nearly every day. Slather on the sunscreen and take a walk along the shore, go for a swim, or try a new activity like surfing or parasailing. To really beat the heat, splash around in the waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Chocolate Tasting Tour

While you may schedule your tour of the Road to Hana, or other iconic places around the island, beat the heat with a touch of delicious sweetness. There are a number of companies that will take you on a tasty chocolate tour of the island. Select tours visit a working cacao farm and learn about the chocolate-making process from “bean to bar.” Tour the factory, which often includes samples of the sweets. Tours last 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the experience you choose. 

More Sweet Treats

Take a short drive or walk from your vacation rental and you’ll find a restaurant or shop serving authentic Hawaiian food. For a sweet treat, there are several that serve Hawaiian shave ice, or you can stop by Hula Cookies & Ice Cream. There you’ll beat the heat not only with air conditioning, but also ice cream, cookies, or an ice cream cookie sandwich made to order with your choice of cookies and ice cream. If you’re in the mood for pie, get a taste of mainland sweetness at Maui Pie Co., owned and operated by the family behind Grand Traverse Pie Co. in Michigan.

Road to Hana

It’s often considered a “bucket list” item for visitors to Maui. Pack up the rental car and head out on a sightseeing excursion on land. The Road to Hana is only 64 miles, but it’s full of hairpin turns, one-lane bridges, and plenty of blind spots, so obeying seemingly slow 25-mile-an-hour speed limit and being extra observant are key to enjoying the journey. The road to Hana isn’t just a scenic drive you take in the car surrounded by air conditioning to beat the heat. There are hikes to breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, lava tubes and rocks, black sand beaches, and historic sites including Charles Lindbergh’s grave site. Hike through the shady trees to find these treasured spots. 

You can brave the road on your own and make your own stops, or you can join a tour in an air-conditioned tour bus with a knowledgeable guide who will take you to many of the best landmarks and hiking spots along the way so you don’t miss a thing. However you navigate the path, make sure to pack plenty of drinks, snacks, and your camera.


Make a deeper splash in the Pacific to cool off and beat the heat. Spending time at the beach is a must, but an island vacation calls for unique water activities that just might not be the same as in waters back home. Choose any of the many charter companies that will take you out into the ocean for a chance to swim and discover what swims beneath the water. 

Keep your eyes peeled for turtles, fish, and even whales and dolphins swimming nearby. Some charters may spend the whole excursion in one spot, while others may take you to more where you’ll find different inhabitants. Bring your camera for above-water pictures and grab a disposable underwater camera for shots as you swim along.

Spa Day

The best way to beat the heat is to stay indoors and relax. Maui has several spas to choose from, with a myriad of services offered for men and women. Enjoy a massage, body scrub, facial, mani/pedi services, and more. Some spas even offer packages designed just for especially for “him” and his unique body care needs.

Beat the Heat in Our Vacation Rentals

Enjoy a relaxing home away from home in a vacation rental provided by My Perfect Stays. Beat the heat in a cozy studio-style unit for a solo or sweetheart island retreat, all the way up to a three-bedroom home for an island vacation with even more of your loved ones. No matter which home you choose, enjoy expansive living spaces, a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable bedrooms, and more.

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